Our Story

About Alert1 Style

Mrs. Jackson, a new but skeptic Member in our Alert1 family, simply refused to wear her medical alarm pendant. It made her feel old and vulnerable.

Her daughter, primarily concerned with outfitting her mother with A1’s emergency medical alarm system, asked us if we had an alternative to the plain black nylon lanyard option.

At the time, we did not. Ever conscientious of our Member’s needs, we decided to take an avant-garde spin to the emergency medical alarm system for seniors. With an array of stylish bracelets and lanyards, our Members nationwide can fashion brilliant designs while ensuring their loved ones round-the-clock security.

With Alert1 Style:

  • You can wear stylish accessories without the feel of your age on display
  • Don't sacrifice fashion for safety—A1 provides both high quality accessories with a high performance medical alarm system
  • Retain your youthful spirit—wear our bejeweled lanyards with outfits that express your individuality
  • Daily living aids for added convenience and safety in your everyday life
  • Lightweight and rests comfortably around your neck or wrist
  • Feel secure in your own home while sporting jewelry that makes you feel good!



About our products

    1. Medical Alert Necklaces 

Product safety: Pacemaker Patients - please do not use necklaces with magnetic clasps. Plastic breakaway clasps are available.

    Necklaces come with a reusable breakaway magnetic clasp that is durable enough to hold items safely around the neck but comes apart when excess pressure is applied.

    Who makes fancy beaded medical necklaces?
    Boojee Beads™ works with female bead artists throughout the world. Boojee Beads™ aims to empower women in disadvantaged economies by creating job opportunities for these artisans.


        2. Daily Living Aids

    Combine practicality with convenience and increase, maintain and improve functional capabilities with these Daily Living Aids.                          



          3. Medical ID Bracelets

      In a medical emergency, medical ID bracelets and necklaces allow first responders to act accordingly, based on your condition. Medical conditions, drug and food allergies, prescribed medicines and emergency contacts should be engraved on medical ID bracelets or necklaces. Thus, physicians, pharmacists, educators, and hospitals recommend medical ID tags when appropriate.


        Here is a list of major conditions applicable for a medical ID bracelet: DIABETES type 1, type 2 Blood Thinner, Coumadin, No BP/Needless Left arm, Heart Patient, Asthma, Peanut Allergy, Seizure Disorder, Gastric Bypass No Blind NG Tube, High Blood Pressure, Drug Allergy, Food Allergy, Penicillin Allergy.

        Combine your A1 emergency medical alarm system with these medical bracelets to ensure further protection and safety!          




        About Alert1, the Medical Alert System 

                                               Alert1® is a leading provider of POM(medical alert service) that enable older adults to
                                               live safely and independently in their own homes.

                                               Freedom and Independence with Alert1 Medical Alert Systems

                                               Living alone as an older adult can be a little worrisome, both for the adult and for those who
                                               care about them. There can be a lot of "What ifs" that keep you tense and up at night.        

                                               Here at Alert1, we support your freedom and independence by offering help only when you want it. 

                                               We are like the fire alarm or the smoke detector - there for exactly when you need us to be.
                                               You don't even have to wear the button. As long as you keep it within reach,
                                               we will be by your side at the touch of a button!


                                              Specializing in Medical Alert Services - Over 170,000 families have benefited
                                              from our years of experience and dedication.

                                              Customer Satisfaction and Innovation - We believe in listening to our customers,
                                              their concerns and questions. 

                                              Certified US-Based Emergency Response Centers - The Alert1 commitment to
                                              high quality service and training is particularly important for our emergency response centers.
                                              Alert1 has partnered with a company that has specialized in emergency monitoring for the past
                                              28 years. 

                                              Living Independently with Peace of Mind -  We call our iconic help pendant “ Peace of Mind button,”                                                                 because it provides our customers and their families with confidence that they can get help                                                                                       quickly in any emergency, even if they live independently.